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Research Update

My Research page still claimed that I am quite indecisive for what I want to do with that PhD position of mine. That has actually been untrue since January, because then I had finally decided that I will leave bioinformatics behind me and engage in more physical fluid dynamics simulations for medical research and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in particular. I am still quite unsure of what “field” that now leaves me with. Medical physics Simulation? With a big question mark attached to this I think I can deservedly claim to be in complex systems simulation.

Because I have trouble naming my research in less than 10 words I have finally got round to updating my research page. That also means that it is getting serious now. Soon I will have finished the first taught year in the DTC and in the remaining three years after that I will hopefully manage to answer at least a few of the many unresolved questions surrounding AD resulting in a doctorate degree.


Litmus Science & Poetry Event

Have you ever wondered what happens when scientists and poets work together? Register for the Litmus Science & Poetry Event on 18/03 during Multidisciplinary Week to find out!

Making science available for a broad audience is something that is very important to me. I’ve worked together with Gosport based writer Mark Iles and he has created a brilliant poem on eutrophication that will be exhibited in the Gallery above the Hartley Library until 22/03. After that it will go into Building 16, where I am working.

Litmus: Poetry & Science Event

Litmus: Poetry & Science Event