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LaTeX Template for Dissertations

The summer project that marks the end of year 1 of my PhD and the beginning of my actual research is going to start very soon. On that occasion I thought it would be a good idea to recycle my old dissertation template for \LaTeX and make it publicly available. It is based on a template that was available from one of the computer science groups at my old university and I’ve modified it to fit the requirements of our summer project module. The main idea behind it is to have every chapter of the dissertation in a different file, which makes the handling of large documents, such as a dissertation, a lot easier. (more…)


Word Count for LaTeX

I had posted a small tutorial for making your life with \LaTeX that tiny bit easier and more automated earlier. Today I want to introduce you to another very useful tool in that respect: texcount. It’s a Perl script that will parse your \LaTeX file and count words and formulae in sections and captions. Just download and unpack the archive to somewhere on your computer and you’re ready to use it. (more…)

The Simplest & Most Useful Makefile (LaTeX)

I’ve started using LaTeX when I started my degree at uni a bit more than 5 years ago. When I first heard about it I thought it was a software like Microsoft Office, just not as horrible with the formatting. That has all changed and LaTeX has become my language of choice for writing papers, reports, coursework or anything closely related. I found it quite handy that there are so many different editors available until I have recently discovered the best of them all: Emacs + make. (more…)