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Research Update

My Research page still claimed that I am quite indecisive for what I want to do with that PhD position of mine. That has actually been untrue since January, because then I had finally decided that I will leave bioinformatics behind me and engage in more physical fluid dynamics simulations for medical research and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in particular. I am still quite unsure of what “field” that now leaves me with. Medical physics Simulation? With a big question mark attached to this I think I can deservedly claim to be in complex systems simulation.

Because I have trouble naming my research in less than 10 words I have finally got round to updating my research page. That also means that it is getting serious now. Soon I will have finished the first taught year in the DTC and in the remaining three years after that I will hopefully manage to answer at least a few of the many unresolved questions surrounding AD resulting in a doctorate degree.


20 Fully Funded 4-Year PhD Studentships starting October ’13

The ICSS PhD DTC is currently looking for the 5th cohort of Complex Systems Simulation students.

Benefits include:

  • 16,500 £ p.a. tax free
  • laptop in the 1st year
  • high-spec desktop computer in the 2nd year
  • travel money for conferences, etc.
  • 1st year taught component & finding your own PhD project
  • opportunity to try out different research areas without “wasting” actual research time
  • DTC has its own social space
  • work in a broad multidisciplinary environment

I am very happy to be part of this programme and would definitely recommend it to everyone.