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Phosphorus Dynamics & Lake Eutrophication

As part of the process of deciding what to do for my PhD I had been exploring the realms of phosphorus dynamics in lakes. There is a very neat mathematical model that can predict eutrophication and algal blooms by Carpenter (2005). However, this model does not take into account the role of the biota explicitly. I attempted to fill this gap, but had to discover that essential data to take out this model extension in a justifiable way is missing. Therefore my report should be seen as a position paper that points out gaps in knowledge and gives suggestions on how to fill these gaps with the sampling of further lake data.


The report will be available after it has been marked.


The code for the eutrophicaton model is written in Matlab.

Git repository:


Carpenter S R: Eutrophication of aquatic ecosystems: bistability and soil phosphorus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102 (29): 10002-10005, 2005


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