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PhD Complex Systems Simulation

One month ago I have finally started my PhD in Complex Systems Simulation at the ICSS at the University of Southampton, UK. The first year will be a mostly taught MSc, followed by a three year PhD. This first year will give me the opportunity to explore different fields of research that interest me and could potentially make up the topic for my thesis. At the moment I am exploring ecological modelling to develop early-warning systems for ecosystems and modelling of the blood flow in human blood vessels. Although seemingly very different fields, they are joined by the tools to create appropriate models and the complexity of both systems.


You live and learn.

The above phrase in my opinion really hits the nail on the head. It applies for people like me, who have just graduated from uni and definitely still have a lot to learn, but also for “old hands” in their fields, who might want to learn something new. Udacity (launched by a Stanford professor) brings uni courses to the internet for free and allows everyone to finish them at their own pace. In my opinion this is a really great platform. I am currently enrolled in two courses, each of them consisting of seven week-long units. After each “hexamester” of seven weeks new courses are held and some of them are re-run. There are two other popular platforms available which I haven’t tried yet though, Coursera (Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton) and edX (MIT, Harvard). Definitely worth a try.