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The summer project that marks the end of year 1 of my PhD and the beginning of my actual research is going to start very soon. On that occasion I thought it would be a good idea to recycle my old dissertation template for \LaTeX and make it publicly available. It is based on a template that was available from one of the computer science groups at my old university and I’ve modified it to fit the requirements of our summer project module. The main idea behind it is to have every chapter of the dissertation in a different file, which makes the handling of large documents, such as a dissertation, a lot easier.

To use it just go to my git repository on Bitbucket and clone the project to your local machine. You’ll find 5 files:

  • dissertation.cls is the document class file, where the page layout and macros are specified.
  • dissertation.tex is an example use of the dissertation document class.
  • msc-intro.tex is an example file that is imported into dissertation.tex.
  • phd.bib is the bibtex file used in the example. It is needed to make the example compilable.
  • Makefile compiles everything and produces dissertation.pdf.

You can just have the cls file in the directory of your dissertation.tex file, but if you want to permanently “install” the document class file into your (Ubuntu/Linux) system you need to create the texmf directory tree in your home directory:

mkdir -p ~/texmf/tex/latex

and then copy the document class file over:

cp dissertation.cls ~/texmf/tex/latex

Lastly you should type

sudo texhash

to update your \LaTeX installation and you should be ready to go. The same information will be permanently available in the Other section. Please feel free to report any bugs or missing information in the issue tracker in my git repository.

Update: I have added a README and a LICENCE to the git repository. You are free to do what the f… you want to with my template.


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